Helcio R. B Orlande

Inverse Problems In Engineering

Theory and Practice - Vol I
Contém os resultados das pesquisas mais recentes de cientistas brasileiros e internacionais da área.
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1 Table of contents
9 Foreword
Keynote lecturers
13 Mathematical and experimental simulation in designing and testing heat-loaded engineering objects
23 Inverse heat transfer problems and thermal characterization of materials
49 Numerical methods and regularization techniques for the solution of ill-posed problems
Tutorial sessions
61 Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for thermal problems
73 Application of genetic algorithms and neural networks to the solution of inverse heat conduction problems
Algorithms, theoretical and mathematical aspects
91 A Feynman-kac method for the determination of the Stefan’s free boundary
99 Source terms identification for the diffusion equation
107 Local regularization algorithms of solving coefficient inverse problems for some differential equations
115 Function optimization using extremal dynamics
121 Comparison of various methods for solving the Cauchy problem in linear elasticity
129 Second order methods for inverse problems: an application in hydrology
137 Backward specification of prior in bayesian inference as an inverse problem
145 Optimal choice of descent steps in gradient type methods when applied to combined parameter and function or multi-function estimation
153 Interior point algorithms for nonlinear constrained least squares problems
161 Selection of multiple regularization parameters in local ridge regression using evolutionary algorithms and prediction risk optimization
169 Homogenization technique in inverse problems for boundary hemivariational inequalities
177 A combination of genetic algorithm and neural network for diagnosing arteriosclerotic lesions
185 Numerical solution of nonlinear synthesis problems of radiating systems according to the prescribed power directivity pattern
193 A parallel global optimization algorithm for solving inverse problems – Henryk Telega 201 Curvature steps and geodesic moves for nonlinear least squares descent algorithms
201 Curvature steps and geodesic moves for nonlinear least squares descent algorithms
209 A rocket tracking analysis using constant-gain filters
217 Identification of the groundwater table location in the forest impact problem
225 On the influx to the outflux mapping for the transport equation
Solid Mechanics and Geophysics
235 An inverse vibration problem for simultaneously estimating the time-dependent stiffness coefficients
243 Response surface method for solution of structural identification problems
251 Identification of weak non-linear damping forces from system response
259 On the identification of constitutive parameters of viscoelastic materials by means of a time domain technique
267 On some applications of the regularized Moore-Penrose pseudoinversion method in applied geophysics
273 Electric and seismic inversion in anisotropic inhomogeneous media
281 Pointwise estimation of material properties of a beam by electronic holography
289 Investigations on defect identication in metallic walls using artficial neural network and the finite element method
295 Nonlinear identification of mechanical systems using orthogonal functions
303 Estimation of internal sources in natural waters using remote sensing data
311 Passive electric potential CT method using piezoelectric material for crack identification
317 Estimation of the release history of a contaminant source in 2-D groundwater systems
325 Modeling inverse subsidence diffusion-convection in geostructures
333 Vibration-based identification of isotropic material properties by quasi-binary electronic holography and finite element modelling
341 Identifing counter-gradient term in convective planetary boundary layer
349 Identification of aquifer transmissivity from interior point observation
357 Evolutionary identification of material defects
365 Recovery of cracks using a point-source reciprocity gap function
373 3D inverse analysis model using semi-analytical differentiation for mechanical parameter estimation
381 Genetic algorithms for identification of elastic constants of composite materials
389 An inverse technique for identification of elastic constants of a glass/epoxy laminated plate
395 A modified micro genetic algorithm with intergenerational projection and inverse identification of material properties of a printed circuit board
Inverse design and optimization
405 Inverse heat transfer for optimization and on-line thermal properties estimation in composites curing
413 Inverse design of gas turbine components
421 Optimization of processes involving coupled electromagnetic and heat transfer analysis
429 Optimal control for the ultrasound induced heating of a tumor
437 Robust design optimization strategy of ioso technology
443 Parameterized geometry formulation for inverse design and optimization
451 Development and applications of optimisation and inverse modelling in the manufacturing of aluminium alloy products

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