Helcio R. B Orlande

Inverse Problems In Engineering

Theory and Practice - Vol II
Contém os resultados das pesquisas mais recentes de cientistas brasileiros e internacionais da área.
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1 Table of contents
9 Foreword
13 Research of thermal conductivity for different materials by solving of heat conduction inverse problems
21 Integrating the error in the independent variable for optimal parameter estimation (Part 1: Different estimation strategies on academic cases)
29 Integrating the error in the independent variable for optimal parameter estimation (Part 2: Implementation to experimental estimation of the thermal dispersion coefficients in poro
37 Design of experiments to estimate thermal properties and boundary conditions simultaneously
45 The determination of the thermal properties of a heated flat plate
53 Extension of methodology for the determination of two-phase porous media property functions
61 Use of a single heated surface for the estimation of thermal conductivity components of orthotropic 3D solids
69 Optimal experiment design and simultaneous identification of thermo-physical properties of orthotropic solids
77 Inverse analysis for identification of electromagnetic parameters
85 Estimation of insulating material’s thermophysical and radiation properties
93 Identification of thermal properties of materials with applications for spacecraft structures
103 Estimation of power dissipation in eletronic circuits
109 Simulation of heat transfer processes and optimization of components in mobile climate control system by means of thermal parameter identification
117 Adjoint approach to inverse analysis of convection heat transfer
125 Research a physical picture of heat and mass transfer processes in vibration heat pipes
131 Inverse finite element technique for identification of thermal resistance of gas-gap between the ingot and mould in continuous casting of metals
139 An inverse approach for piping networks monitoring
147 Simultaneous estimation of spatially-dependent mass and heat transfer coefficients of drying bodies
155 Estimation of the heat flux at the surface of ablating materials by using temperature and surface position measurements
163 Evaluation of parameters used in a multimedia environmental model: Application to Guanabara Bay
171 Comparison between two methods for estimating the convection heat transfer coefficient during a metallurgical jominy end-quench test
179 Experimental and numerical estimations of a two-dimensional convection heat transfer coefficient during a metallurgical “jominy end-quench” test
187 Inverse technique applied in welding: a theoretical and experimental approach
195 Identification of velocity distribution in a turbulent flow inside parallel-plate ducts from wall temperature measurements
203 Extension of the hot wire method to the characterisation of stratified soils with multiple temperature analysis
211 The inverse estimation of the local thermal boundary conditions in two dimensional heated cylinder
219 Two dimensional computational estimation of transient boundary conditions for a flat specimen
227 Parameter estimation in solid-liquid adsorption with a stochastic global optimization method
235 A one-dimensional inverse radiative transfer problem with time-dependent boundary conditions
243 Estimation of initial condition in heat conduction by neural network
251 A parametric study of a new regularization operator: the non-extensive entropy
259 Inverse radiative transfer problems in two-dimensional participating media
267 Reconstruction of absorption and scattering coefficients with discrete ordinates method consistent with the source-detector system
275 Metal/mold heat transfer coefficients during horizontal and vertical unsteady-state solidification of Al-Cu and Sn-Pb alloys
283 Transient and steady state free convection from a horizontal cylinder – A . F. Emery 291 The numerical solution of the backward heat conduction equation using arbitrary precision
299 Estimation of drying food thermophysical properties by using temperature measurements
307 Solving geometric inverse heat transfer problems on analog and hybrid computers
315 Inverse analysis of heat flow at a solid-solid electro-thermal contact
323 Adaptive multiscale estimation of a spatially dependent diffusion function within porous media flow
331 Estimation of thermophysical properties of moist materials under different drying conditions
339 Parameter estimation of thermo-optical glass properties from experimental phase lag signals obtained through perodic heat flux excitation
347 An explicit formulation based on the moments of the exit radiation intensity for the one- dimensional inverse radiative transfer problem
355 Multiobjective parameter estimation problems: An improved strategy
363 On-site calibration of a phase fraction meter by an inverse technique
371 Inverse geometry problem of estimating the phase front motion of ice in a thermal storage system
IMAGING AND INVERSE SCATTERING 381 Computation of magnetical field sources from measurements using iterative regularization
381 Computation of magnetical field sources from measurements using iterative regularization
389 Inversion of spectroscopic data of CO2 radiation
397 A novel inverse problem in medical emission imaging
405 Determination of the electronic density in a medium by an inverse method based on double- compton scattering in transmission imaging
413 Dynamic electrical impedance imaging of binary-mixture fields with external and internal electrodes
421 Retrieval of temperature and moisture profiles over Brazil using satellite data
429 Inversion of elastic light scattering measurements to determine refractive index and particle size distribution of polymeric emulsions
437 Some comments concerning inverse problens in particle transport theory
445 The source-detector methodology for applications with anisotropic scattering
453 Inference of velocity fields based on tomographic measurements in process industry
461 An inversion algorithm for capacitance tomography imaging of two-phase flow regimes

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